Mossberg 640 10 round magazine

You are considering a vintage Mossberg KD Chuckster. The walnut wood stock does not have any serious damage — no deep cuts, gouges, or cracks. The barrel measures 24 inches and the bore is bright and shiny with strong rifling. It comes with a Bushnell 4x Banner scope for. It also has its original factory 22 magnum 5-round magazine. The metal is in perfect shape with no visible damage. Also, peruse the hour gun show to see what else we have to offer.

We do everything in our power to authenticate items that we sell. Items are described to the best of our ability, however, it is up to the buyer to ask questions and look at the pictures to determine the usability of the items. Photos are indicative of the condition of the items and you will receive items in same or better condition, in the event, there are multiple items available.

We will not generally accept returns, but if you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us directly to discuss returning your item. All purchases are subject to applicable Federal, State, and local laws. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to comply with any restrictions on purchase, ownership, and possession of any items bought from the seller. Seller reserves the right to cancel any sale which is determined to be in violation of any Federal, State or local law.

Seller disclaims all express and implied warranties including that of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Seller makes no claim as to the nature, extent or availability of any original manufacturer warranty. The buyer is responsible for having a firearm purchased to be inspected by a certified or accredited gunsmith for safety.

Sign-up for the Old Arms of Idaho newsletter — special offers, and insights into firearms from the very old to the very modern. Opening day is the 10th here in Idaho and we'll be out of the store all next week. The 12th through the 16th. We will ship out all orders the following Monday.

Thank you for your understanding.Notifications Close. Please note: we no longer accept orders over the phone. Manufacturers Mossberg Rifles KD. Mossberg Rifles KD.

Part Key: 0. Add to cart. Enlarge Image. Part Key: 1. Out of Stock. Buttplate Product : B. Part Key: 2.

mossberg 640 10 round magazine

Part Key: 3. Part Key: 4. Part Key: 5. This product is no longer available, however HJ can be used as a replacement part. Part Key: 6. Part Key: 7. Grip Cap, New 1.

Mossberg Rifles 640KD

Part Key: 8. Part Key: 9. Part Key: Trigger Guard, Reproduction Product : C. This product is no longer available, however A can be used as a replacement part. Stock Plate, New Product : F. Receiver Cap Spring Product : D. Bolt Collar Product : C. Bolt Plate. Extractor, Left.Order by:. Available to:. This can be used for storage of many things.

Mossberg 640KD Chuckster | 22 Magnum

It was used for years as a jewelry box. The different sized compartments accommodate about any items. It is double sided so can flip over for easy access to other side. Clear easy see through lids. Weighs about 3 lbs. Please look closely at all seven pictures. Sold as is. Thank you! Let's go fishing! Jbl Speargun- Magnum Explorer Used JBL Speargun.

Double banded. The speargun is the explorer 22 model. The bands are unusable and need replacing due to age. Used very little and other than the bands is in almost new condition. The speargun has been in storage for over 8 yrs. Time to let someone else make good use of it.We carry many more parts for each of these models than we would have room to list here. On the flip side, while we try to be sure that every item for every model listed below is currently in stock, we are dealing with obsolete models as much as plus years out of date.

Original sights and bolts have become very scarce recently.

Savage / Mossberg 5 Round .22 Magnum Magazine

Calling us at is the best way to assure that we have what you are looking for. You may also inquire by e-mail to vic havlinsales. Please note that while models may be grouped here for pricing similarity and space, each model is distinctly unique and we must have the exact model number in order to fill your request, i.

Parts may be good condition used or new production, and depending on item, fitting may be required by a qualified gunsmith to insure proper function and safety.

New Item! Reproduction Targo RA1 rifle adapter and TT1 smoothbore extension If you have a Targo missing the rifled or smooth bore extension, this is the low-cost solution.

Faithful reproductions of the rare rifle adapter and smoothbore extension for the s 42T, 42TR and 26T smoothbore Targo models. Rifled bore extension designed for. Smoothbore choke extension designed for. Replacement Deluxe Peep Sight Mossberg 22 Target Peep sight, manufacture with deluxe aperture disc, adjustable windage and elevation, brushed alloy finish, replaces S, S, S and S Mossberg sights without modification.

Also replaces S or No 4 peep sight — may require stock modification to accommodate mounting bracket. Screws provided. The two most-requested parts for. For your convenience, we have added photo galleries of the.

Please view these pages if you need a firing pin or magazine. Model L No parts available. Brownie Pistol No parts available.Order by:. Available to:. Nylon holster with extra magazine pouch for Mossberg MC1sc 9mm. Ultimate gun holster for Mossberg MC1sc 9mm.

Gun holster with magazine pouch for Mossberg MC1sc 9mm. Click Here. Double your traffic. Original Vintage Advertisement! Th is great old Print Ad was removed from a vintage Magazine. Each advertisement I offer is individually packaged in an acid-free sleeve with an acid-free white backing board and will be mailed 1st Class in a Rigid Stay-Flat Mailer. Double Protection- Safe and Secure! All Offered Ads are Vintage and Original! All the ads I offer are original print advertisements removed from"out-of-print" vintage publications and are guaranteed to be original pieces.

Never photocopies or reprints. All ads are carefully selected and are ready for framing or may be kept in the provided premium packing for display and permanent safe protection.

Please note. These are all original ads and can be fragile and some may exhibit signs of their age including; minor edge toning, minor creases, or edge chips and may require some edge triming. Each of these ads offer a little flashback into our past and makes a great gift for the serious collector or that special friend. All my ads are guaranteed to be originals! Additional purchases ship free at same time in same package!

I will gladly ship international! Email me your location and I will be happy to figure shipping and quote you a firm price. I have been an Ebay seller now for more than 13 years so please check my feedback and bid with confidence.

If you have questions. Thanks for looking! Nylon gun holster for Mossberg MC1sc 9mm. Nylon gun holster with mag pouch for Mossberg MC1sc 9mm. Gun holster for Mossberg MC1sc with laser. Nylon gun holster for Mossberg MC1sc 9mm with laser or light attachment. Mossberg clip magazine series 7 rd. S-L-LR series.I bet (that) he won't come. More examplesOn the face of it, it seems like a bargain, but I bet there are hidden costs.

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mossberg 640 10 round magazine

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Savage 10 round Factory Magazine

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mossberg 640 10 round magazine

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Mossberg Magazines

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