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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Deku Love. Founder: komodome - Stories: 67 - Followers: 0 - Staff: 3 - id: Eilhart FruitPastilles Streggae. Welcome for all who find Izuku Midoriya to be MHA's most eligible bachelor or bachelorette and wish to place here the tales of his or her love life.

Romantic rivalries to Harem hijinks, yaoi to yuri, anything goes here, just make it a love story, and put him at the center. I regret nothing. Share Our Love by harvestmooneve reviews Stories of various stages of Midoriya and Tsuyu's charming relationship. Throughout the years of being together, Midoriya has always been flustered around his blunt yet adorable girlfriend.

At the same time, he finds solace in her even-temperament. One night, sometime after they have graduated, he finally decides to be the one to propose.

Other pairings may be implied. It's just rain! You won't melt! Izuku by Nanocowie reviews Aizawa is a little too wise to Kaminari and Mineta's tricks by that point, and puts an end to their poolside perverted plot.

Midoriya, armed with a bucket of Ex Machina's and Shonen Protagonist luck, has a horde of classmates gunning for him. Supposed to be out on wednesday, supposed. Deku 10 by Kurusan reviews Izuku Midoriya finds more than just the strength to inherit One for All in the scrap metal on that beach.

op deku fanfiction

He also finds the Omnitrix! Perseverance by Relen reviews Izuku Midoriya was four years old when he learned that he was quirkless. How could he ever become a hero without a power? Everyone told him that he couldn't do it, until someone told him that he could. Izuku is trained from a tender age by a retired pro hero named Silver Fang, he's gonna be the best hero. Love in the making by DetailedDevil reviews The DekuMomo story a select few wanted, and nobody asked for about how Momo learns to love the broccoli boy, despite, and because of, his character.

I might decide to pick it back up someday. Drunk Call by ShirotaMahiru reviews For a while, they just stood outside her bathroom door. Izuku didn't know how to help this time. Ochako gave him a weak salute and a rubber grin. I'm not drunk anymore.

I just. In which, Ochako was calling Izuku while she's drunk again. A Good View by TruBearshark reviews Having overheard a surprising revelation about Midoriya Izuku, Ashido Mina is determined to to test its validity while also seeing if her crush isn't so one sided. Interrogating Midoriya by TruBearshark reviews Led by Mina a group of 1-A students decide to interrogate Midoriya on what he's been doing with Hatsume after a few of them overhear conversations between the two.

Shades of Green by TruBearshark reviews A collection of drabbles and short oneshots with Izuku being paired with a different female character each chapter.A hero is what any young child would dream of becoming.

A shared dream. An everlasting dream. A dream everyone dreams about, but for many that dream is lost when they become an adult. Every second spent idle is a lost opportunity. Though everyone is born with great potential, every second that passes that potential is diminished, until the time of death. In a world where almost everyone was super, young 12 year old Izuku was the wrong type of special for he was unbearably normal save for his characteristic seaweed hair and freckles.

As a quirk-less one, he couldn't breathe fire or move objects with his mind. Even so, he wanted to be a hero, an All Mighty hero, but reality isn't kind to those with such ambitions. With his uniform burned in a few places left behind by a certain narcissistic ticking bomb as he walked home with unsavory thoughts.

I don't know how to live…. I'm a loser…how can I become a hero if I'm so weak…. As he was walking, he walked past a group of hooligans surrounding an old bald homeless man with an outgrown white beard.

The horse faced man tried to correct himself in front of the one with the odd hair style and picked up the old bald man by the collar of his dirty yellow jumpsuit, but at this moment Izuku succumbed to his nature. He couldn't overlook the old man's lifeless eyes that seemed to give up on everything and picked up his book bag.

The group of hooligans descended on the young boy without a hint of mercy and the young boy fought with everything he had. Stepping on toes, aiming for the eyes, but it wasn't enough. He was too human while his opponents were something more. The man with the uncharacteristically large right arm grabbed onto his from behind putting him in a lock.

The young boy's arm was dislocated and tears were streaming from his eyes, yet he did not make a sound biting onto his lower lip trying to overcome the pain. High on the pain, steadying his two feet and clenching his remaining fist, Izuku dawned the persona of victory of his daily tormentor.

The fire in young boys eyes was not lost on the seemingly lifeless old man lying next to the wall. When Izuku regained consciousness he saw an unbelievable scene. A billowing white cape and the shining reflection of the sun above it blinding his vision. The image was burned into his memory.

Young Izuku had seen All Might's triumphant form in videos before, but never had he seen a hero up close before. As he turned his head he saw what became of those he was fighting against. The plain apologetic figure of an old bald and bearded man bowing to him wasn't very imposing or impressive. As the young injured Izuku was picked up and carried on the old man's surprisingly strong back he couldn't help but ask.

Izuku had no expectations, but the old man's response were words he didn't know he had always wanted to hear. The happiest moment of his life was a short lived one.

Though he was elated, Izuku's pessimism overtook him. Despite his costume, Izuku could not recall a single hero that fit the old man's description and Izuku knew his heroes.

He simply assumed the man to be retired one from his costume despite how plain and unimpressive.

Back in my day, almost all of us had to work for our power. The tone of the air shifted, the old man's pace halted to a stop. Uncharacteristic enthusiasm boomed out of the old man's mouth.

It sounded so normal that it was absurd, yet it made sense. Izuku was skeptical, but the old man's words gave him hope and in times of desperation, people seek the light however small.One for All, a Quirk made to pass down power from successor to successor. It has accumulated power and Quirks from eight people over the years, and now rests in the ninth, Izuku Midoriya.

Izuku, who was born Quirkless, is a student at the prestigious U. School, where those who aspire to become Pro Heroes go. His classmates have come to believe that his Quirk was a strength enhancing ability. However, within One for All are the Quirks of previous users, which had merged with it and were also passed down. And today, one such Quirk would rear it's head. Stay away from silver and full moons.

Everything in class had stopped in an instant as everyone stared at Izuku. The boy was so engrossed with his schoolwork that he had not noticed that a pair of wolf ears had sprouted on top of his head or the glossy tail that popped out the seat of his pants, though the others had noticed instantly.

Iida was the first to question him. Well, I did think that I noticed something different between Kamui and Mt. Lady during their latest appearance. They seemed to be a bit closer-". Confused, Izuku did as he was asked. A new sensation on a body part he never had before snapped Izuku's attention behind him, where Ochako was feeling his new tail. Confused, he looked down to see what was wrong.

His body was now that of a large werewolf stuffed into a school uniform. He was covered in dark fur, though he still had a mop of messy green hair. He also rivaled Mezou in size, now.My Hero Academia fandom S-class Hero NPGamer11, making his debut! This is my first time writing for MHA. I did a couple of stories before, for One Piece and Shokugeki no Soma. But it's mostly smut, and not the good kind either.

Now, this story will be pretty simple. It will be mostly comedic. How can it not be? Anyway, I guess we should save some of the things I wanna tell you for the end, and let's get right into it. After my patented and trademarked disclaimer. You ready? Hey, I never said this was kid-safe stroy, did I? He stood protectively in front of another boy who'd already been beaten up by the class bully, Katsuki Bakugo.

But that put him in harm's way as well, the blonde already preparing to blast him out of the way. Your sorry quirkless ass can't do a thing. But Deku, whose true name was Izuku Midoriya, stood his ground.

He could have sworn one looked their way, but just turned around and continued the conversation they'd been having with the others.

So much for that. Izuku would receive no assistance, he had to stand alone against the now enraged Katsuki. Are you really ready to take a beating instead of this kid? Izuku couldn't verbally answer, but the new-found determination in his eyes spoke volumes.

Katsuki laughed loudly at his bravery and proceeded to overpower Midoriya, hammering him into the ground. Ten minutes passed before Katsuki and his gang of bullies left Izuku lying brutalized on the ground.

He stared up at the sky wondering how it all came to be. How could he and Katsuki go from friends to enemies? The answer lied in their DNA. Had past experts been asked what they believed the next step of human evolution would be, none would have proposed a mutation allowing for superpowers. And yet, this strange phenomenon occurred and was eventually referred to as a quirk. In just a few generations, almost eighty percent of the world's population had one.

Izuku couldn't wait to find out what quirk he'd have! Would it be his mother's ability to attract objects? His fathers fire breath? Maybe they would combine, giving him pyrokinesis!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Feral 2. Curiosity Killed the Cat 3. But Satisfaction Brought it Back 4.

The Cat and the Mouse 5. Homeschooled: UA Edition 7. Someone Falls for Izuku 8. Inevitable Confrontation 9. Finally Never Eat Your Heroes A Gift of Gratitude Overload A New Tale Stress Eating To The Rescue! Chaos Child Prepares for School Izuku Eats a Grape-Flavored Rat Fire Eater Ochako Almost Sends Someone to Space I'm gonna say it- I don't care that you broke y Eventuality Trash-Talking Cats Izuku Tries to Eat a Red Bug While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. His whole life, Izuku Midoriya was taught to keep his powers, his Quirk, hidden from the world. His kind were feared, hunted to near extinction because of it. That he can be a HERO. And nothing is going to stop him. Izuku Midoriya, essentially banished for his social status as quirkless, shunned from society and beaten by those around him. In a terrible sequence of events that leads to Izuku running to a massive slime villain to save his EX best friend and childhood bully, something sparks in Izuku, and his conscious is spiralled into a beautiful world, were he meets a kind man stuck in his head, who gifts him a few special abilities.

When Midoriya Hisashi decided to move his family to America, he definitely did not foresee adopting another kid when Izuku was ten, nor did he foresee his sons becoming vigilantes, or getting caught, or being press ganged by the government into remaining Heroes for good publicity.

He sure as hell did not foresee these decisions leading them to get thrown back home and back to UA, where they were always meant to be, in any universe. Sometimes, you just have to make sure the world keeps turning. And for Izuku, there is no choice: Mockingjay's world always keeps turning, so he can keep the worlds of everyone else in motion. Chess pieces lay scattered on the floor.

Their board is destroyed and their players The only occupant of this land is a young boy.

op deku fanfiction

One whose story ended far before it began. He waits and watches.

op deku fanfiction

His name is Midoriya Izuku. Someone has taken his place. Someone whose story ended in another world, in another time. He does this not because it is a second chance at life. But because he has made a promise. He is the [King]. The [King] leaves behind the [Empty Throne]. Its guardians wait patiently for him to return. A boy with a bloodstained smile and more than a few skeletons in his closet.

A man who toppled syndicates from the shadows, leaving destruction in his wake.It had been a few days since the traumatizing events of the Battle Trial, plus Katsuki Bakugou's expulsion. Despite Izuku's insistence that he was fine despite now missing an arm, it was clear to everyone that he was reeling from his reckless actions. It was bad enough he was informed he could have jeopardized Mikoto with his hasty movement in trying to save her but losing his arm practically for nothing was something that must have really stuck with him.

Currently, the greenette was in the Support Course Class with Kizari and Saten, who told him that their classmate, Mei Hatsume, could probably be able to help him with his lost limb.

He had gotten a bit of a stutter due to the trauma he suffered, requiring him to seek therapy with UA's counselor, Hound Dog. An explosion was heard from nearby as Izuku let out a squeal of terror, curling up into himself as Kizari and Saten did their best to comfort their friend. A cheer was heard as a pink blur crashed down in front of them before looking up, revealing a teenage girl with pink dreadlocks, amber eyes and covered in soot.

Getting up and shaking the soot off, Mei smiled as she gently offered her hand to Izuku, who slowly peeked behind his arms before shakily taking the hand offered with his only remaining arm. After a while of tinkering, Mei soon turned and presented Izuku with a metal arm. It wasn't exactly state-of-the-art but it looked functional.

It looked like a metal skeleton arm with some wires wrapped around like muscle tissue. I figured I'd give it to you since you need it more than me right now. Just check up on me in case you want some upgrades! Uiharu and Saten have told me amazing things about you! Maybe with your analytical brain, you can help me improve on my babies! Izuku blushed in confusion as Kizari giggled and whispered into his ear. She's passionate about her work.

The rest of the day went by as normal. Izuku was still getting used to his new prosthetic. It was rather clunky and made some annoying whirs every now and then but it worked. However, it didn't feel like his real arm and every now and then, he'd feel phantom pains and he couldn't help but sniffle when he felt nothing but cold metal then warm flesh.

He sat behind Izuku in class and he could get a clear view of Izuku numbly touching his metal arm. It really sucks losing an arm. I mean, I have an uncle who lost his leg recently and it's been really hard for him. Soon, Aizawa stepped into the classroom with his usual tired slouch.

He then sat at his desk as he cleared his throat to get the class's attention. Everyone nodded as Aizawa resumed talking.

op deku fanfiction

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