Slope trading strategy

The TMA Slope forex trading strategy is a strategy that is not complicated and trails the market for profitable and safe entries. The strategy does in a way look backward at price action for it to forecast the future from the recent history.

MetaTrader4 Indicators: TmaSlope. The Alligator is an indicator by Bill Williams, introduced inthe indicator is comprised of three lines that are overlaid on the activity chart. The Big Trend. The TmaSlope. Meanwhile, if the line of the Big Trend custom mt4 indicator is painted light blue, price is said to be experiencing bullish momentum i.

If the lime and gray histogram of the TmaSlope. Stop Loss for Buy Entry: Place stop loss below immediate support.

Adjusting Strategies to Moving Average Slopes

If the histograms of the TmaSlope. Sell Entry Rules Initiate a sell order if the following rules or conditions take precedence: If the blue line of the Alligator indicator crosses its lime and red lines top downwards as shown on Fig.

Meanwhile, if the line of the Big Trend custom mt4 indicator gets painted tomato, price is said to be experiencing bearish momentum i.

If the red and gray histogram of the TmaSlope. Stop Loss for Sell Entry: Place stop loss above immediate resistance.

Options Trading Strategy Guide

Sell Trade Example Fig. The lines represent the jaw, the teeth and the lips of the Alligator. Traders tend to use this indicator to gauge trend and its possible direction. Share Now! Related Posts.Traders can utilize this tool most effectively by a calculating an exact time interval and b using it in conjunction with several other forms of technical.

Note that the Slope Direction Line actually looks just like any other trend indicators, and it is used in much the same way. Here are the basic rules for interpreting the Slope Direction Line :. Possible BUY Signals:.

Relative Strength Index RSI is similar to Stochastic in that it identifies overbought and oversold conditions in the market. In addition to the overbought and oversold indicators mentioned above, traders who use the Relative Strength Index RSI indicator also look for center area crossovers. A rising center area crossover occurs when the RSI value crosses ABOVE the area indicates the market trend is increasing in strength, and is seen as a bullish signal until the RSI approaches the 70 line.

This indicates the market trend is weakening in strength, and is seen as a bearish signal until the RSI approaches the 30 line. Be patient. Once a trade is put on, give it time to work; give it time to insulate itself from random noise; give it time for others to see the merit of what you saw earlier than they.

Be impatient. As always, small loses and quick losses are the best losses. It is not the loss of money that is important. Rather, it is the mental capital that is used up when you sit with a losing trade that is important. If you are buying, then each new buy price must be higher than the previous buy price. If you are selling, then each new selling price must be lower.

This rule is to be adhered to without question. Each day, look at the various positions you are holding, and try to add to the trade that has the most profit while subtracting from that trade that is either unprofitable or is showing the smallest profit. Your email address will not be published. Slope Direction Line.

BUY Rules. SELL Rules. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.Why chosing between left and right brain emisphere if you can have the best of both worlds?

Your training will consist in:. The concept behind is simple: the algo uses proprietary formulas to spot market price divergence. If such divergences develop in pre calculated price areas the algo will generate a valid entry.

Automatic entries Fully automatic trade management Dynamic risk settings Full control and ability to override system ie: cancel or move orders. Slope Rider is a semi auto strategy that will enter and manage automatically the trades on your behalf.

Your training will consist in: Giving you the foundations of market dynamics and price action Providing you with a solid grasp of risk and trade management Teaching you how to properly filter markets, volatility and key price levels Showing you how to effectively use the Algo After your training is completed, your job will consist in: Selecting the market s Selecting the times Selecting the areas Make sure the trades are entered and managed correctly.This indicator plots a string of linear regression lines, drawn on successive days.

The Linear Regression Indicator has an advantage over a traditional moving average — it has less lag than the moving average and reacts more rapidly to price changes. This is a trend-identifying and trend-following indicator. The Linear Regression Indicator is actually a projection of tomorrows price, plotted today. If prices are higher or lower compared to the forecast value, one may anticipate that they will eventually return to more realistic levels.

The Linear Regression Indicator highlights where the price should be trading on a statistical basis, while a deviation from the regression line will likely not last long. Trading signals should be taken by using the direction of the Linear Regression Indicator. A trader may additionally use another such indicator with a longer period as a filter. A long entry or an exit from short position should be made, when the indicator turns to the upside.

A short entry or an exit from long position should be made, when the indicator turns to the downside. Chart Source: VT Trader. The slope value is normalized by multiplying the raw slope value by and then dividing the result by the price.

Normalization of slope values is crucial, if one is to compare markets, which trade within different ranges. The normalized slope value reflects the price change in percent per bar of the regression line. If the normalized slope is 0. A normalized slope of Linear Regression and Linear Regression Slope This lesson will cover the following Explanation and calculation How to interpret this indicator Trading signals, generated by the indicator.

Ava Trade. Lot Size. Fusion Markets. XM Group. Easy Markets.This strategy is based on the slope of the EMA Over that slope, the script calculates two EMAs 9,21 which are used to generate the main entry and exit signal. When the slope of the EMA is rising, it means that This indicator tries to identify ranging and trending markets.

It measures the angle of a Moving Average in order to filter out ranging markets. The idea is to only enter a trend following trade if the slope is steep enough.

slope trading strategy

In order to create this indicator, I used a strategy script from bennef called "Trend Angle BF" and slightly modified it to transform it This is a study geared toward identifying price trends using Quadratic regression.

Quadratic regression is the process of finding the equation of a parabola that best fits the set of data being analyzed. In this study, first a quadratic regression curve is calculated, then the slope of the curve is calculated and plotted.

slope trading strategy

Custom bar colors are included. Bar colors show the oscillator colors, bar borders show the actual candle colors. Version 2 - Linear Regression Slope. This version will have more freedom on picking your own length for all the Inputs. One of the main reason I changed it is because, Slope calculation on transition period was not being computed properly. Because the Version 1, looks back the length assigned, and compute the slope based on two candle readings, could be 10 days Basically it's an all-in-one combination of three Leavitt indicators.

This triplet indicator, being less than a 60 line implementation at initial release, is a heavily modified A simple slope indicator of common moving average types with the slope represented in degrees aligned with the trend angle tool on TV after reset chart.

Slope function for SMA in degrees. This slope function you can use or modify for your own strategies.Your support is fundamental for the future to continue sharing the best free strategies and indicators.

Also make sure you are on the right side of the MACD.

slope trading strategy

Time Frame 30 min or H1. Currency pairs: majors and metals and Oil. MACD below zero line and crosses down. Sell Zone Magenta color. Exit Rule. Make profit at the level supprt and resistance lines.

When MACD change direction. Profit Target predetermined. Use the trailing Stop. Initial stop loss 4 pips above or below Orange line. Manage position with the expert Advisor in attach. In the picture the Xard system in action. Admin Sunday, 29 June Keltner Channel Reversal Trading. DSS Blade. Xard Macd with slope. RSI colored with Gann hilo. XARD Systems.

Xard Indicators. Trading with tunnel. Strictly necessary cookies guarantee functions without which this website would not function as intended. As a result these cookies cannot be deactivated. These cookies are used exclusively by this website and are therefore first party cookies. This means that all information stored in the cookies will be returned to this website.Remember the first time you saw a forex chart? Or any other trading chart for that matter?


When we first start out trading all we see are meaningless bars that goes up and down a graph without any direction at all. Then we wonder how traders make money out of a nonsensical price movement. Then, as we go on our quest and learn about trading and technical analysis, we begin to see things. As we progress, we learn to identify what type of market we are in depending on how price moves. It could either be a range bound market, a trending market, a reversal, or just a choppy market.

Of all the market conditions mentioned above, many traders might agree that a trending market seems to be the most directional type of market condition. We see a trending market and we drool hoping we had entered in the market right at the beginning of the trend.

If we just traded at the right moment and held on to the position, we could have had a huge profit. If only we had a way to predict the start of a trend. The moving average is one of the simplest, most basic indicators, yet it is also one of the most overlooked. Probably due to its simplicity, many traders either go wild with it or totally ignore its use, looking for something more complex.

One of the best uses for moving averages is during a trending market condition. The moving average has characteristics that are peculiar to it and are very useful during a trending market condition. Individually, a moving average could determine the trend bias of the market based on its slope.

This is because as price pushes further to a single direction, the moving average also slopes toward the direction of the trend. If the market is bullish, the moving average tends to slope upward. On the other hand, if the market is bearish, moving averages tend to slope downward.

Below is an example of a bullish and bearish market condition which caused the moving average to slope. There are many more ways to determine the directional bias of the market or if the market is trending based on moving averages.

Other uses could be crossovers of moving averages, fanning out of multiple moving averages, or even just the location of price in relation to a moving average filter.

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